Stained and Leaded Acrylic Window Art
by Lynette Chubb

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Crystal Wave

Acrylart is painted, leaded, acrylic window art (a modern alternative to stained glass) by Canadian artist Lynette Chubb. Unique & original copyrighted custom designs. Durable, lightweight, free-hanging, indoor, decorative window treatment for beauty, privacy & security. One of a kind gift ideas. See me at my Studio or at various Ottawa area Art and Craft Shows.

Lynette brings the ancient art form of stained glass into our space age with modern materials and an innovative new process. These materials were developed over 50 years ago in Britain, in order to continue the tradition of stained glass on thermally sealed window panes. Lynette's unique window art combines the use of museum grade (UV stabilized & 98% UVA&B filtering) clear sheet acrylic, UV-protected glass paints, multidimensional glass highlights, and inlaid pure lead, to achieve the vibrancy of stained glass artwork with the versatility of her paint brushes. Being unrestricted by traditional glass cutting and assembling methods, Lynette's all-original (& copyrighted) designs (which reflect both her Celtic heritage and her Canadian birthright), are unique to this field of artistic expression.

Sabrina Fair

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